Pure Alaska Salmon Company LLC is dedicated to the promotion of the use CANNED wild Alaska salmon as preferred, front and center, protein source for people of all ages and stages. Use CANNED wild Alaska salmon as a superior substitute for all kinds of the usual proteins; chicken breast, tuna, even hamburger. Its uses are endless. CANNED is cool!

Pure Alaska Salmon Company’s Redhead & Thinkpink are processed hours after harvest in Alaska. “Canned” may be fresher than fresh, is so easy to use and is always ready to be made into a host of wonderful dishes; pastas, salads, soups sandwiches and more.

Everyone, everywhere, anytime can enjoy the fabulous taste and remarkable benefits of wild Alaska salmon when you buy it in a can.

Redhead & Thinkpink are delicious, convenient, highly nutritious, pure, wild, and an environmentally award winning resource of the USA.

There has never been a health advisory for Alaska salmon-except to eat more of it! Enjoy!


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