Wild Alaska Canned Salmon + Olive Oil + Onion


Jim likes to hike, in addition to coming up with new great ways with canned salmon.

It couldn’t be easier, and these ‘nutritional good guys’ seem to get along very well in this wonderful trio of some of nature’s finest and most nutritious foods.

Jim is always thinking of new ways to eat Redhead or Thinkpink, as this is what he eats at lunch 90% of the time—canned salmon and a little cream cheese on a bagel.  This is Jim’s latest, and may be greatest recipe. Drain a can of Think Pink or Redhead, put contents of the can, including highly nutritious skin & bone, into small bowl.  Add a teaspoon or two of olive oil, some chopped onion & lightly mix.  Use this on bagels, salads, or just as is.  Squeeze on a little lemon juice, or even a little vinegar if you like.   If you use Redhead, drain some of the liquid and supplement with a little olive oil in addition to the onion.   The olive oil lightens the flavor and seems to increase the shelf life of the flavor.   You can also mix the Redhead and the Thinkpink.  Feel free to add capers, celery, garlic.


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